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Psychedelic / Noise
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BansheeVa formed during a trip to Supersonic Festival 2012 together in Birmingham, an auspicious start for the journey they’ve embarked upon since.
They share a love of loud & heavy psychedelia, noisy & discordant guitar music, and wanted to form a band based around the “power trio” format of bass / guitar / drums. The kind of raw, powerful sound traditionally exhibited by the likes of Cream and The Groundhogs, but more recently witnessed at places like Raw Power Festival, and by bands such as White Hills and Earthless (but with less guitar solos!).
They’re the kind of band that play angry, balls-to-the-walls noise rock flat-out for fifteen minutes straight, but aren’t afraid to get soundscapey using massive pedal boards immediately afterwards.

Influences include Comets On Fire, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, King Crimson, Dungen, Gnod, White Hills, Can, Guru Guru, Loop, Faust, Drunk In Hell, Rangda, Deerhoof, Hendrix, Zappa, Beefheart, etc.
A bloke with a dog on string once described their sound as a “deafening, psychedelic wall-of-noise”, and they agreed.

They’ve just released their eponymous debut album on their own Prods In The Dark imprint – if you’re the least bit interested (you’ve read this far!) you can hear it at the links below.
Having always been a live band with a strong DIY ethos, they recorded themselves live in the studio, going for raw energy and spontaneity of performance over anything too perfect or polished. Moments not to miss include the mammoth 14+ minutes of Fuck You And The Horse You Rode In On (which to drifts into an eastern drone segment between hammering home the never-ending riff), a druggier, shoegaze-esque vibe on Sleep When I’m Dead (not forgetting the space-age drone after the end of the actual song), the staccato “noise-funk” of Janus, and the careening, riff-tastic moments between the chug of Space Invaders’ choruses.