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Hi,I am a mature steel player my you tube ID is JohnDavis45, I can play Bass/lead/ or rhythm guitar (but not to the same standard as the steel) I have worked with super stars and pub musicians and loved every minute of it from San Antonio to the Seychelles. I still have some of my own hair and teeth left! and though I can play on my own with backing tracks, it does not compare to working with "live" muso`s. I am based at St.Neots, Cambs. and available to add steel to your tune, (send me MP3 and I will return it plus steel guitar) play Bass,or guitar, drive the bus, cook the eggs........ Whaddaya want???

It says under this box "tell us something interesting" Well I did the busking for Cancer Research a couple of years ago here in St.Neots, Set my steel up outside Argos and Summerfields and raised £579 playing with tracks for about 6 hours .....That may not be interesting but having lost quite a lot of family through the disease I have strong feelings about it.

I could list the names and Bands I have been part of but you don`t have the time! Give me a call... I still need to play :(