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I play the guitar, working to get better.

enjoyment and gratification obtained via (but not limited to) these artists:

- Jimi Hendrix
- Red Hot Chili Peppers (especially everything they did up to Blood Sugar Sex Magik)
- Jane's Addiction
- The Who
- Frank Zappa
- Sly & The Family Stone
- Funkadelic
- The Who
- Iggy Pop
- Captain Beefheart
- Living Colour
- Primus
- Soundgarden
- John Frusciante
- Stevie Wonder
- Cream
- Death Grips (particularly their debut)
- Heart Of the Congos
- Led Zeppelin
- Bad Brains
- X

and many many others...

In my band that I would eventually like to play in, these elements would be needed:

- Musicians who have experience and pure dedication to their instrument, who are willing to endure (and enjoy) copious amounts of practice and playing together for the joy of playing and who want to dedicate this period of their lives to making music.
- Musicians who are very creative and will write their own parts to a song (obviously suggestions are welcome as the band is a communal spirit).
- A good, honest friendship between musicians and being able to listen to music together.

Even if you're not 100% sure of making this band please send me a message if you have a similar interest and just want to play

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