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he Hoverboards are a recently formed group consisting of 4 musicians who have a great deal of previous experience and a very solid musical knowledge.
We are currently seeking a dedicated frontsperson to lead the band and interact with the audience. Singing ability is important as well, however an Average singer with great show skills is more wanted than an excellent singer who shys away from the microphone and just mumbles the old "and now something by a band named "blahblahblahblahablha"" etc
Age is no issue.
We would prefer a female due to the fact our drummer does lead vox as well, and it enables us to do duets such as "Dont you want me Baby" and "Easy Lover"
Auditions can be held in either Downham Market, or Cambridge. We typically rehearse between 2-3 times a month and typically a thursday night, either in Cambridge or DM.

We have a gig booked, and further function enquiries for next year, so looking for the right front person now. We are aiming to create a seamless show where the music flows, if you can flow with it, get in touch!