Buckfest Bands Competition

Buckfest Music Festival are looking for new and/or upcoming acts for the Buckfest Bands Competition!
The competition is open to all acts from full electric bands, acoustic bands, solo artists and everything in between!

In the semi-final, 4 acts will perform 25 minute sets, with a minimum of 50% original music, and the crowd will vote to decide who goes through to the final.

The voting will be decided on a simple, buy a drink, get a vote system; and you will receive a plastic token to drop into voting pots available on the night.

In the final, the top 2 bands from the semi-final will perform a 45 minute set each, with a mixture of crowd vote, and a judges panel deciding the overall winner of the competition.

The winner will receive a voucher for studio time at Soundarc Studios in Shefford, as well as the opening set on the Introducing Stage at Buckfest Music Festival 2018!

The dates for the competition are Saturday 28th of April for the Semi-Final, and Saturday the 19th of May for the Final; with both stages being held at Buckden Village Club.

Entries are open now and any interested parties should email us at info|buckfest.org to apply or ask any questions.

Applicants have until Sunday 1st of April to apply, after this date we will begin sifting through the acts to decide who we’d like to invite to play.

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