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Rock / Funk / Blues
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DAFM's music combines hard rock, flamboyant funk and soulful blues with abstract lyricism and the occasional dash of tasteful psychedelia; a joyous mixing pot of the old and the new that never takes itself too seriously.
Outrageously colourful shirts, shambolic dance routines and groovy improvisational tangents are all standard fare during their raucous live shows.

Formed in 2002, the band built a strong and aggressive fan base in Cambridge, becoming a regular act in the city’s pub venues. They founded (and continue to promote) the annual festive show "Christmas Is A Time To Get Really Fucked!!", which celebrates its sixteenth anniversary this year.
Describing themselves as “good-time party rock”, and “music to barbecue to”, their influences range from Funkadelic, The Allman Brothers Band and Frank Zappa to Steely Dan, Primus and Mr. Bungle (and include “anything 70s” and “beer”).

After the pursuit of university degrees left the band on somewhat of a hiatus, they reformed in 2011 at the offer of supporting the Israeli jazz / funk / hip-hop collective The Apples.
During this reunion period they were finalists at the Cambridge Band Competition 2013, the second time the band made it to the finals (the first being nine years previously in 2004).
Despite their performances being almost a decade apart, the band easily won the audience vote (or "beer cheer") at both contests.

The handful of shows the band played during this reformation period drew huge crowds seeking both the nostalgia of seeing the band play together once again, as well as the new material they'd been cultivating over recent years.
Fans new and old alike regularly comment on the level of chaotic fun the band have performing together on stage, as well as the musical intuition and tight improvisation that can only develop after years of playing together.

Due to the globe-trotting nature of various members, the band once again found themselves on an "indefinite hiatus" in 2014.
However, the bulk of their long overdue début album has been recorded, and the remaining band members are busy adding the finishing touches and mixing the album in preparation for the inevitable third incarnation sometime in the future.

DAFM will return... watch this space!

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