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New Wave / Funk / Art-Rock
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Ember Rev came together mid 2016 year to play the nervous and neurotic accordian-driven alt-folk of Cambridge singer-songwriter Dan Ecclestone. Debut album 'it was all fields around here' painted a sun-blushed Super-8 picture of ham-fisted childhood resistance against power-suited developers, whilst new set Premonition & Ruin sees Ecclestone encountering wizened old bigots and terrified housewives in the days following the referendum; bellowing maniacally in set closer 'England's Finest Hour' 'Je serai toujours un Europeen!'

It’s all about the warp and weft of a storytelling thread; the rise and fall of breath through bellows; the ebb and flow of a river of beats and the bass, and the screech, and the groove.



Dan: Guitar / vocal
Chris: accordian
Dom: bass
David: drums / perc