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Cambridgeshire's hardest-working Ska band. Over 60 gigs in 2014!

http://www.fiveska.com/mp3 < demos

Fiveska was formed in early 2010 by five local musicians, and after many changes over the last 3 years we are now a six piece band working a tighter set for even more Ska fun! Madness, The Specials, The Beat, Bad Manners and more! We play 2nd Wave Ska in clubs, pubs, at parties and weddings for two hours of high energy boot-stomping fun. So come on all you Skinheads, get on your feet. Put your braces together and the boots on your feet, and give me some of that old Moonstomping!

Frontman "Buster Beefburger" Gary Driver carries the band at the head, backed up by professional guitarist Jon Beedle (currently on part time tour with the Elvis Presley show), Jo Instone-Brewer on tenor sax, Anne Burton on keys backing up the light side of the beat, Nate Glynn keeping it rock-steady on bass, and a big dose of madness provided by Jake Hatter on drums.

The lads do a professional job, turn up on time, play in time (and in tune,) and won't drink your bar dry!

Please contact Gary (07941 319539) or visit our website (fiveska.webs.com) for more information