AlicebanD // Echo Trails // Binewski Murder

Friday May 25th 2012 @ St Paul's Church, Hills Road - £6/8, 7.30pm

Alternative / Folk / Poetry / Art, all in a big church. What could go wrong?

The inimitable Alice Walker headlines, backed tonight by her full band. One of the most prolific and well-loved songwriters from around these parts, it's a crime Alice isn't far too famous for us all by now. Her energetic, piano-based songs combine strong melodies with a near spoken-word lyricism; headily introspective, and led equally by impulse as by pop structure. Honest, witty and emotionally compelling, somehow they'll still make you want to dance.

Echo Trails make music they describe as attempting to weave together gypsy, klezmer, psychedelic, jazz, funk, rock, avant garde experimental, and caberet, amongst others. They're amazing.

The Binewski Murder are a stormer of a band, playing an inebriated mix of Balkan, folky and gypsy punk music.


Also featuring a special appearance from performance poet Fay Roberts. Fay has led events, hosted slams, headed chapters, and performed herself silly all over the country. We're very lucky to have her tonight!

If rumours are to be believed we'll also be exhibiting artwork by Sophie Wainwright - illustrator, printmaker, aspiring taxidermist and generally talented person. See her work below.

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