Astpai/ One Win Choice

Tuesday May 29th 2012 @ The Corner House - £5.00 @ 20:00

A very last minut show for these two great touring bands.

Astpai’s new album called “Efforts And Means”. Without a doubt these young and talented men created another masterpiece in contemporary and honest punkrock! Once again they have put out a record including the most essential ingredients in music: their hearts and their blood.

After touring Worldwide for several years, One Win Choice unveil their brand new release Conveyor, courtesy of Jump Start Records. This intense collection of tracks exposes the band’s well-structured and thoroughly thought-out process; refusing to join other thrown-together, wannabe punk and hardcore groups. Their passion for music is clearly demonstrated through emotional, metaphorical lyrics and hard hitting riffs.

Gig posted by Jazz on Monday 21st May 2012, 12:05:24