Eeeyore, False Hearts, Meet Me At Dawn & Bury The Light.

Friday October 20th 2017 @ The Corner House - £4. 7:45pm

Welcome to our 'Rock Out For Ali!' gig!

*Quick background; Ali suffers IBS which was onset following a reaction to antibiotics after a nasty assualt - to get the tests he needs to have he has to raise up to £2200! This has led to the creation of the page Ali's Fundraiser - and this event! All money taken on the night will be going directly to Ali to pay for the treatments - all information about the treatments and a full background are on the fundraising page! Hope to see you there!*

The line up so far for the first event is as follows;

- Eeeyore - an up and coming band from the Cambridgeshire area, "If Mastodon and the Prodigy formed a band together it would probably sound like Eeeyore." - - 8 - 8:30pm

- False Hearts - a rock band wielding melodic twists. - - 8:45 - 9:15

"False Hearts are already achieving rapid success, gracing stages at the Cambridge Junction and the O2 Academy Islington, among others. With a number of festival appearances and a solid performance on the NMG Unsigned Chart already under their belt, the band continue to press ever forward." - 9:30 - 10:15

- Meet Me At Dawn - a four piece rock band from Cambridge, UK. Playing a combination of rock, heavy rock and funk rock. - -

"We are a four piece Rock/ Heavy Rock/ Funk Rock group based in the UK. We first started as an acoustic group and we've evolved over time into what you hear now. Our individual influences range from Alter Bridge, to Paramore, Green Day, to Blink 182, Tesseract, to John Mayer, Neck Deep, to Pink Floyd, Mallory Know, to Slash. Somehow all of these fuse together with our individual talents to create our sound. We have a genuine ambition and love for the music, and we hope to get our music heard and our name known." -

- Bury The Light - "Melodic Hardcore band specialising in sexy melodic riffs and smash-your-face-in breakdowns." - - 10:30 - 11:15

*Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or adult at all times!!*

**Entry £4**

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