Cinder Well

Friday June 21st 2019 @ Six Bells - 8.30 free


CINDER WELL – As part of their current UK tour, Cinder Well make their Cambridge debut on the Summer Solstice, Friday 21st June at the Six Bells on Covent Garden.

Cinder Well is the haunting folk project of Amelia Baker from Blackbird Raum. Her songs are nostalgic and moving, centred around memory, loss, place, and longing. While heavily influenced by traditional American and Irish music and song, Cinder Well is deeply personal and original. Amelia Baker’s mourning vocals are framed with resonator guitar, shruti box, and strings, and her lyrics and cathartic melodies wrap listeners in a surrealist world just adjacent to our own.

The Unconscious Echo, Cinder Well’s critically acclaimed, first full length release, was named as one of the Best Folk Albums of 2018 by Folk Radio UK. Cinder Well has previously toured the US, UK, Ireland, and Europe, with performances in a range of venues; from squats to folk clubs, and from farms to concert halls. Amelia Baker is joined on this tour by Marit Schmidt (Vradiazei, Sangre de Muerdago) on viola and vocals.

“This is a folk record that’s heavy in all the right ways.” –fRoots

“Amelia Baker’s voice is both sombre and exquisite, and the whole album is a melancholy masterpiece of some astonishing quality.” -Folk Horror Revival

Saturday 21st June

8pm – 11pm

|The Six Bells, 11 Covent Garden, Cambridge CB1 2HS

Free Entry / Donation

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