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What's been happening this week...

Saturday 19th

12:32:43 Old Guys Still Rock added the post "Free Photo Session".

Friday 18th

19:37:46 lewis M updated the post "metalcore guitarist wanted".

16:01:38 The "Captain Sexy & the Tits At Dawn + Three Step Manoeuvre" gig, on Wednesday 30th April, was updated.

Thursday 17th

17:37:12 The gig 4FOX was added to the calendar by Six Bells. It's on Sunday 20th April 2014.

Wednesday 16th

20:56:13 The gig The Dobblers Open Mic was added to the calendar by My Dream Music. It's on Thursday 17th April 2014.

20:43:26 Last Gang In Town added the post "Last Gang present Graveyard Johnnys + Knocksville + Von Nitros Sat 31st May".

07:09:52 Some Blues Bloke updated their profile.

Tuesday 15th

19:25:16 MaidofAle updated the post "Seeking a reliable drummer for established covers band".

15:41:23 The gig Klezco Gig Corner House April 29th was added to the calendar by Klezco. It's on Tuesday 29th April 2014.