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Progressive / Rock / Jazz Rock Fusion
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It's All About Me's music is challenging for the player but compelling for the listener. The music has been described as "Epic", "Somewhere between Genesis and Led Zeppelin"
It's All About Me began life as a collaboration between Marija Konstantinovaite and Nick Bonnett after a meeting in the summer of 2013 down the pub. Finding much common ground between each other, such as a love of Rock music and a knowledge of twentieth century classical music, the pair began jamming together and quickly happened upon a direction for their music.
The first song to emerge from this collaboration was "Freedom" which began life as a straight-forward Rock riff. After about an hour or so, listened back to their new creation and realised that it had morphed into the kind of epic music they had been talking about making in the first place. With the addition of the completely improvised Bossa-Nova outro, "In the Middle of Nowhere”, a template for future music had been set.
As a result of the departure of the original bassist and drummer from the band, Nick and Marija decided to become a duo and hire in the services of musicians for recording and gigs. That week the song "It's All About Me" had emerged from a three hour musical brain-storming session. This became the duo's ironical name.
Through Nick Bonnett’s involvement in the Jazz scene in Cambridge, he often played music with Dave Burgoyne, an accomplished pianist, violinist and, especially, drummer. They had also taught together at a music club at a Cambridge college for some years and performed together with the band Crisium. It was with an expectation of rejection that Nick asked whether Dave might be available. Dave’s input is subtle as he does not write for the band but his judgment can be trusted implicitly. We know whether an idea is any good or not by his reaction and perceptive, diplomatic comments. He supplied a new impetus for the duo to become a band again.
A number of bassists came and went, thankfully for positive reasons. But in the end it became a real problem. It's All About Me, as a band, were not able to move forward. They could not book gigs, rehearsals effectively, record or represent themselves as a fully functioning band.
Despite this, and numerous other set backs, they were working hard on their music and were rehearsing, just the three of them. During this period the search continued for a suitable bass player. Many turned down the opportunity to be part of the band, some for good reason others just did not seem to understand what the band were attempting to achieve musicaly. Others regretted making the decision not to join. Eventually, after a rather strange meeting with a local bass player, it was clear that there was no point in waiting for other people to make up their minds and that they had to take matters into their own hands. It's All About Me decided to aim high and asked the best bass player in Cambridge to play for them.
Tiago Coimbra is a well known musician. While he was studying in The Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, he was involved in a broad range of projects including performing and recording with Spontaneous and Hiromi’s Explosion Trio. Tiago is a touring musician and works with many professional bands. Also he is a bass teacher at University in Cambridge.
As an in demand player he works with the band more on the level of a session musician. Still, it means that It's All About Me can get on with writing, rehearsing and gigging like never before.