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Hi , i am 55 and i really love my distortion , Think Motorhead, Hawkwind, Black Sabbath, Thrash, Rock n Roll, Metal.; I DO NOT DO COVERS !
I have over 100 tracks that i have recorded at home.(Mainly instrumental i dont like my voice)
Some of which are on my Soundcloud page .
I was in a Band or two some years ago and have gigged a little.
I am looking for some-one to put Vocals to my tracks , and/or would be interested in jamming with a band to see how my tracks would pan out in a real life scenario and not just me playing all the parts (or creating a duo). I wont be available for weekends this year as i am working a lot then .
I am really easy going and have an awesome sense of humour. If you are age-ist just remember the awesomeness of Lemmy, Ozzy e.t.c . Never too old to rock , open your mind give me a shout , cheers , jim