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Rock / Blues
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Forget Route 66! Follow the A131 from Braintree to Haverhill, through the wild borderlands of Essex and Suffolk, where the band originate. Emerging from the badlands, a trio of musicians recreating the American blues-rock sound with a combination of popular covers (in the vein of Springsteen, Black Keys, Stray Cats and Steve Earle) and new, original music (by us!!!).

Named after the outlaw Johnny One Eye, famed in local myth and legend, they spread the music of Johnny's youth, keeping alive the spirit of rock and roll.

A three-piece LIVE rock and roll band, tres hombres, Mark Oneye on Guitars and Vocals, Stuart Oneye on Bass and Vocals and Johnny Oneye on Drums and vocals, bring you a new, unique and yet authentic taste of the greatest rock and roll the world has ever heard, an unstoppable rail-road train of rhythm.

A commentary on the state of the world, as valid now as it was then, updated by new songs for a new era.