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Cambridge purveyors of all things punk, psychobilly, rockabilly, ska and reggae. Established in 2003. We promote gigs at the Man on the Moon in Cambridge.

Bands we've put on so far include....The Peacocks, Left Alone, The Grit, The Restarts, Citizen Fish, Deadline, Inner Terrestrials, Rebelation, ICH, The Quakes, The Hangmen, Wigsville Spliffs, Shakeout, Jack Rabbit Slim, Moral Dilemma, The Tagnuts, Goldblade, Graveyard Johnnys, King Django, Pama International, New Town Kings, The Mojo Kings, Luna Vegas, Aces & Eights, Hollywood Suicide, Cowboy & The Corpse, Lay Out The Traps, Kill Youth Culture, A Sailors Grave, Hot Rocket Trio, The King Blues, Henry & The Bleeders, Smoke Like A Fish, Eastfield, Inter City Crazy Train, Mustard City Rockers, The Dead Batteries, Dirty Revolution, Red Flag 77, Random Hand, The Skints, Mouthwash, Chris Murray, Strawberry Blondes, 2 Sick Monkeys, Ed Ache, Go Go Cult, Johnny One Lung, Jim Sorrow, The Ladykillers, Bogus Gasman, Rebel City Radio, Tommy Schitt & The Punishment Fuckers, New York Scumhaters, The Splitters, Short Bus Window Lickers, Hateball, Small Town Riot, Neck, Tony Rebel Trio, Resolution 242, The Yalla Yallas, Ten O Sevens, Bogus Gasman, Junkyard, Faintest Idea, Captain Black No Stars, Debt Collectors, The Smoking Hearts, Refuse/All, Hotwired, Guns On The Roof, Scourge Of Rivercity, Fletch Cadillac, Sam Russo, 3 Minute Warning, Mise*En*Scene....