Singer wanted

I'm a 19 year old guitarist (well, technically I play a steel-string electric ukulele - regular guitars are too mainstream, man (it sounds the same as an electric guitar though)). I'm looking for a singer to write songs with. A songwriting partnership along the lines of: I write the music, you sing and come up with a melody? I can write lyrics, or we both can. This is completely experimental - I'm a complete amateur, but I like the punk attitude of a couple of kids getting together to make music. So, I'm looking for someone I can get along with, around my age (teens and twenties). I'm open to any genre, really, but at the moment I'm really into The Smiths. I like Britpop, alternative rock, progressive rock, pop, etc.

If the songwriting goes well then I'll also be looking to start a band and get a drummer, etc. on board. Email me at dmmc1| if you're interested.

Article posted by DC on Saturday 18th March 2017, 10:03:02.
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