Hip-Hop/Alt-Rock band seek Bass player and synth/keys/noise creator


We are looking for a permanent bassist and also a synth/keys/noise creator! Are you either of these....?

Currently a 3-piece (vox/guitar/drums), with at least an albums worth of original tracks. We're chilled, friendly (mostly) and dedicated to what we do! Genre wise, it's a tricky one. Lyrically, it's dark hip-hop/rap, but musically it has different vibes and influence, have a listen to some roughhhhh demos below, if you fancy meeting up for a jam, get in touch ASAP, let's get this going!


Email for more info/details and to arrange a jam session! bareagendaband|gmail.com

Article posted by Bare Agenda on Wednesday 21st February 2018, 19:02:18

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