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Hi, I’m keelan and I’m 14 years old. I’m looking for a small band to jam with. Exclusively rock music such as Guns N Roses AC/DC Led Zeppelin and other 80s and 70s bands. I’m a lead guitarist and would like a bass player (experienced not just new to bass) and drummer (experienced) Rhythm guitarist (experienced and good) and a singer who can play piano for more blues and slower songs like November Rain. If interested text me or call me at 07495 450368

Article posted by Keelan Rothwell on Thursday 26th July 2018, 21:07:27.
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Hey, I am not in a band, but if you find other members but struggle to find a drummer, I'm up for the job. I'm an 18 year old drummer and have experience playing live around the Cambridge area

Posted by AZ Levven on Monday 6th August 2018, 20:16:07

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