Drummer/Bassist wanted

hi, i'm looking to start/join a band, i'm a guitarist, and have a possible vocalist. i'm open to lots of genres, and would be happy to play grindcore, crust punk, death metal, hardcore punk, doom metal, stoner doom, sludge metal, rock and roll, hard rock or pretty much anything else.

my main influences are discordance axis, napalm death, bad brains, magrudergrind, elecric wizard, the cramps, gridlink, antigama, gatecreeper, morbid angel, dystopia, doom, antigama and asterisk* although i'm completely open to playing music outside of what i normally listen to.

ideally i'd be looking to get into writing songs straight away, and i'd want to practice at least once every week/two weeks.

i used to play in a death metal band, so i've had some experience with gigging/songwriting. the vocalist from this band is down to sing in my next band depending on the genre. my brother (the other guitarist) is also down.

my email is thomas.stokes5|hotmail.com if you're interested.

i'm also open to play bass if needed.

Article posted by Tom Stokes/Brain Stem Distortion on Sunday 9th June 2019, 12:06:14.
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