Seeking Musicians for Cover Band!

Hi there!
I am looking for musicians to form a Cover band! Original I know, but the point is to enjoy playing covers and to get people dancing, and to have fun doing so.
I am a 24 Year old bassist, I'm ideally looking for people around the same age ideally, but not really too bothered. Ideally you will have some grasp of your instrument but too much musical background is not really essential. Just the willingness and time to get to learn tunes.
The main point of this project is to get out there playing weddings, functions etc, with the aim of targetting the younger audience, I say younger, I mean people more the same age as my self. say 20-35 (the age of people who are getting married etc). Now a lot of the normal cover bands play all the stuff that is starting to become a bit dated with the age. I want to do stuff that people of our age grew up with, so the list of stuff i'm thinking about is :

Oasis, Blur, Bon Jovi, Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon, Duffy, Bryan Adamas, Guns n roses, Michael Jackson, Foo Fighters, Michael Jackson, Snow Patrol, Muse, Coldplay, U2. We could of course throw some older stuff in to appeal to the slightly older audience, things like Lynard , Queen, Tina Turner, Thin Lizzy, basically anthemic tunes that people will happily dance the night away to. A lot of it is middle of the road but it is good stuff. Also throw in a few slow dance songs , and we are there.

So What do we need?

A guitarist or Two. Ideally with Backing or Lead Vocals, or both.
A singer (Could also be an instrumentalist) Ideally with PA. (Because band owned equipment is a PAIN to organise)
A drummer
Potentially a Keys/Synths. This could also be a guitarist if willing to play both.

Own Transport is a Must!

Ideally we would start by rehearsing every Thursday night, as time goes on we would obviously rehearse less and less, and if all goes well, we'll have gigs 2/3 times a month and wont need to rehearse. The important thing is the willingness to commit to that sort of level as and when we arrive there.

So, Please, contact me! I know this has been a long post, but I find that if you tell it as it is , in advance, then you know what you are signing up for and what is expected.
email is gapiro|

Article posted by Stephen D on Wednesday 1st February 2012, 15:02:27.
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