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Hi :-) I'm a singer/songwriter/(artist/poet) and I'm looking for recommendations. I've been performing my own material for over a year now on the Cambridge open mic circuit, bass and guitar ... I like my songs. I think my songs are good. I think my songs are worth sharing (otherwise I wouldn't be sharing them :-) ). Occasionally I perform with others, but on an ad hoc uncommitted basis ... I'm ready to take it to the next level and maybe get a duo or a band going (probably a duo ... baby steps). I'm not a perfectionist by any means, but I put a lot into my music and can only creatively do that if I feel comfortable, so personal vibe is at least as important to me as the sound. If you think we'd vibe well together, or if you know of someone who you think I might vibe well with then please get in contact. I'd appreciate any 'shares', I'd really like to get this underway ... I need a project :-) .... PS it doesn't have to be just my song package, looking at it as a creative project going forwards as well ... I'm interested in keeping the music original though
PPS If you message me and I don't get back straight away, it's because I'm offline at home ... I'll get back to you asap :-)