About CambridgeBands.com

CambridgeBands.com strives to be the best resource for musicians, and people looking for musicians in the Cambridge area of the United Kingdom.

What does the site do?

Many things, including:

Your profile

When you register, you get a personal profile page with your details on it. This is searchable (unless you are an Individual) using the "Bands", "Venues", "Promoters" and "Resources" links on the left menu. Your profile has a friendly address like www.cambridgebands.com/me. You have an individual RSS feed so that you can share data with whoever wants it. Your profile has your gig dates, and details of any posts you've made.

Gig Calendar

All gigs added by users go onto our calendar which provides a friendly way of searching for gigs to go to. We can import your venue's RSS feed to add your gigs automatically.


Any registered user can make posts (or comment on others posts) to one of our three messageboards: "News", "Join a band" and "Book a band". Networking musicians is important to us and you...

Who can register?

Anyone is free to register. Membership is divided into 5 types: Bands, Promoters, Venues, Resources and Individuals.

Bands have a profile page where they can tell us about themselves, show gig dates, link to music and share contact details.

Promoters have a profile page where they can tell us about themselves, show upcoming gig dates, and share contact details.

Venues have a profile page where they can share information about themselves, show upcoming gigs, share contact details and show their location on a map.

Resources cover recording studios, photographers etc that want exposure to bands. These have a profile page with details and contact information.

Individuals are fans of live music or musicians who are not currently performing who maybe are looking for bands. You have a profile page with details and contact information which is only linked to from the posts that you make

How do I sign up?

If you have registered with CambridgeBands.com before, your account will still exist, though if you've not logged in in a while your account may have been deactivated, which means that you no longer appear in searches, but you can still log in. You can log in with a username or email address. If you forget your password you can have a new one sent to your email address.

If you do not have an account, registration is free, and the process depends on the type of account you select. Individual registration is very simple, others are more detailed. On any page click on the "Register" link from the menu to begin registration.

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