Privacy collects your data in order to provide a resource for live music in Cambridge. This is the only reason we collect your data. We will not allow that data to be used by anyone else without your permission.

We do publish your email on your band profile page, but this is done in such a way to maximise protection against email harvesters. A valid email address is necassary to have a profile, though if you wish your email address not to be displayed on your profile, please contact us and let us know.

Should you wish to destroy your profile, the "Delete Profile" button will completely erradicate all your profile on our servers. This does not affect your forum login, which is separate.

The band database is totally separate from the forum. Anonymous users to the forum can only view posts, they cannot view member data. Therefore your contact details are shared with members could can log in to the forum. You can delete your forum account from the forum profile pages.

The application and the forum is protected both from email harvesting and forum spamming, but if you suspect malicious use, please contact us at the address below, or use the contact form on the Contact page.