Musicians wanted

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Bass player wanted

Voodoo Prayer are looking for a active, dynamic bass player to expand their garage rock, stomp manic mayhem.Upcoming gigs at New Cross Inn in London. Asylum in Chelmsford and the caboose club in (Read More ....)

By Voodoo Prayer([email]) on Friday 23rd January 2015, 23:01:12

Singer, Drummer and Bassist needed!! Rock/Psychedelic

We are two guitarists looking to form a full band, a style inspired by The Smiths and Siouxsie and the Banshees with a bit of Arctic Monkeys and Pixies. Quite Psychedelic and melancholic and hard sounds. (Read More ....)

By Carmen([email]) on Sunday 18th January 2015, 17:01:07

Year 9 Band Looking for Singer

We're a teenage (in year 9 atm, so we're 13-14 years old) indie rock/alternative band and we're looking for a singer (who will preferably do the lyrics). You can download 4 free demos of us here:'t have to be great at hitting high notes (i.e. (Read More ....)

By XStatic([email]) on Saturday 17th January 2015, 15:01:46


I'm a singer songwriter, predominantly acoustic, but am looking to try and get a new band together as it's something new that I really want to try and feel could be the next step for me personally in a musical sense.I'm 20 and have influences such as Ed Sheeran, James Blunt, Bruno Mars etc but bands-wise I used to love Busted, McFly,'s kind of hard to explain what my taste is without (Read More ....)

By Andy Clenaghan([email]) on Tuesday 13th January 2015, 01:01:40

Musicians wanted (that means you!)

I'm an experienced guitarist who enjoys playing music; good songs from any genre. I used to be in a band and perform gigs but that was in a previous life, and I have been playing on my own for too long now. (Read More ....)

By William([email]) on Friday 9th January 2015, 11:01:01