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Recording Studio Open For 2015 Bookings

GAIA Records' studio is now taking bookings for this year (April - October). The rural studios are open for bands or solo artists. Relax, play and record on our family estate away from the destractions and normality of urban/city life.The first three bookings will be offered a free (four song E.P.) (Read More ....)

By The Plastic Revolutionary Band([email]) on Tuesday 27th January 2015, 20:01:32

Student Engineer looking to record artists/bands

Hi, I'm Theo. I'm looking to record artists/bands to build up my University portfolio. I'm currently in my final year of an Audio & Music Technology course at Anglia Ruskin University and am an aspiring audio engineer. (Read More ....)

By Theo Perry on Thursday 22nd January 2015, 14:01:19

New look - have your say...

So here it is, please have a look, use it as you would this one and let me know if you have any comments: new look is designed to work better on todays bigger monitors and smaller screens (such as mobile and tablets) (Read More ....)

By Brad Spreadsheet([email]) on Sunday 11th January 2015, 15:01:48 facelift coming!

Yes - you read it correctly!With many thanks to this design by Jimbob, it's now over ten years old it's fixed size is proving problematic for both our big screen and our mobile viewers.So we have a new design coming! (Read More ....)

By Brad Spreadsheet([email]) on Saturday 10th January 2015, 13:01:45

Reggae/Trad Ska gig with Rebelation + The Pisdicables Sat 14th Feb

LAST GANG IN TOWN present...REBELATION + THE PISDICABLESREBELATION – Rebelation are a UK based band who play authentic Reggae, Traditional Ska and Rocksteady. (Read More ....)

By Last Gang In Town([email]) on Sunday 4th January 2015, 12:01:34