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The four bands playing at Metal Night Special at Melbourn Rock Club are confirmed as Alone With Wolves & Black Polaris & Scar My Eyes & Lucy Played With Fire & (Read More ....)

By Melbourn Rock Club() on Friday 23rd November 2012, 11:11:27 (0 comments)

U-18s Band Competition final line-up

Here they are - the four bands that made it to the U-18s Band Competition final: Two Intents, The Varsity, Static, Boiling Point.The heats have been brilliant fun and we reckon the final is going to be pretty special too. (Read More ....)

By Strawberry Fair() on Tuesday 20th November 2012, 17:11:20 (0 comments)

Failed Band Podcast

We started this a while ago, it's a little podcast where we talk about marketing/promoting/orgnising your band. It's geared towards the UK market.We've been on a bit of a break but we're now back again and we've already got two new episodes out and another just recorded tonight. (Read More ....)

By the British IBM() on Sunday 18th November 2012, 22:11:57 (0 comments)

GigBro LAUNCHED management app

Just Launched GigBro.com band and act management applicationAutomatically takes care of all your act requirements.First 30 days free, testers wanted.GigBro takes care of ALL your gig requirements short of actually getting you there and playing for you.In a simple Control Panel, registered acts can swiftly upload gigs, pictures, tracks and set lists which in turn will automatically genera (Read More ....)

By GigBro band and act management App() on Saturday 10th November 2012, 13:11:24 (0 comments)

Last Gang In Town present Moral Dilemma + Casual Nausea + Spineless Yes Men + Chairmen Of The Bored Sat 24th Nov

Last Gang In Town present...MORAL DILEMMA – Combining the spirit and attitude of ‘77 UK punk with the passion of US hardcore, this London 3 piece are welcomed back for another Last Gang In Town gig. (Read More ....)

By Last Gang In Town() on Tuesday 6th November 2012, 20:11:56 (0 comments)