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Looking for stage lights

We're playing a gig in a small venue in the middle of June and we need a few stage lights - nothing big or fancy - does anybody have any ideas where I can get hold of some?Drop me a message on frankbowles|yahoo.com (Read More ....)

By Kepler([email]) on Saturday 27th April 2013, 10:04:58


Melbourn Rock Club are please to announce that Cambridge band Stormdreamer are the opening band on 29th June at Melbourn Rock Club. (Read More ....)

By Melbourn Rock Club([email]) on Thursday 25th April 2013, 17:04:47

looking to support a band on 17th May

Hi we are free on sunday the 17th of May to play a support set for a band.We are a rock band and we have just finished recording our album so we need to get gigging from May onwardsPlease check us out here. contact us at 3screamingpopes|gmail.comThank You (Read More ....)

By 3 Screaming Popes([email]) on Thursday 18th April 2013, 20:04:55

Go.Fly.Win release exclusive new D E V I C E S | trailer!

Here are the facts:we've just released a new trailer for our debut EP 'D E V I C E S'Watch it here -->'ll be releasing more trailers in the coming weeks, showcasing the upcoming tracks.we'd love to know what the local scene thinks, so comment/share and voice your opinions!Want MORE? (Read More ....)

By Go.Fly.Win on Wednesday 17th April 2013, 20:04:14

Check out the brand new song From Cambridge stalwarts 'Twelve Clay Feet' - it might just change your life on from their debut album 'Totem Bells ' this is the first offering from TCF, taken from their forthcoming second record. (Read More ....)

By Kiln Records([email]) on Wednesday 17th April 2013, 14:04:32