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Deadset records are proud to present...The Beautiful Sleazy release debut Single Fever Trip today...click on the link below...http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/fever-trip-single/id511376993&h=7AQH1cwERAQFi4zQsAn4IBFLpH_rNR42J_2O_FPQleat5Hg (Read More ....)

By The Beautiful Sleazy() on Monday 19th March 2012, 15:03:40 (0 comments)

Last Gang In Town & Tattooing by Fabio present...COFFIN NAILS + MOJO KINGS Sat 9th June @MOTM

LAST GANG IN TOWN & TATTOOING BY FABIO present....COFFIN NAILS - Formed in the summer of 1985 the Coffin Nails’ high energy and often humorous shows have taken them from the early days of the Klubfoot, to tours of Europe and the USA and major festival gigs such as Satanic Stomp, Bedlam and Wasted. (Read More ....)

By Last Gang In Town() on Wednesday 14th March 2012, 17:03:23 (0 comments)

Last Gang In Town present...THE BRAINS + GRAVEYARD JOHNNYS Fri 11th May @MOTM

LAST GANG IN TOWN present...THE BRAINS - Demented Canadian trio The Brains blur the lines between punk, psycho, rock’n’roll and rockabilly. Kicking down genre barriers and incorporating elements from whatever the hell they feel like, The Brains concoct an irresistible brew of Motorhead-esque ferocity and sexed-up Latin swagger while adding a pinch of new-wave and a whole lot of booze-fuell (Read More ....)

By Last Gang In Town() on Wednesday 14th March 2012, 17:03:45 (0 comments)

Last Gang In Town present...THE RESTARTS + SMOKEY BASTARD + ED ACHE Sat 31st March @MOTM

LAST GANG IN TOWN present...THE RESTARTS - The Restarts first crawled out of the North London Squat scene well over a decade ago. Serial dole scroungers the lot of them, they named their band after the dreaded 'back to work' interviews and set about touting their stroppy four-chord punk to spiky-haired audiences around the world. (Read More ....)

By Last Gang In Town() on Wednesday 14th March 2012, 17:03:08 (0 comments)

Alone With Wolves @ Melbourn Rock Club

Alone With Wolves will be playing a acoustic set on 17th March at Melbourn Rock Club. (Read More ....)

By Melbourn Rock Club() on Tuesday 13th March 2012, 12:03:39 (0 comments)