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Rebelation + The Pisdicables Sat 14th Feb

LAST GANG IN TOWN present…REBELATION + THE PISDICABLESREBELATION – Rebelation are a UK based band who play authentic Reggae, Traditional Ska and Rocksteady. (Read More ....)

By Last Gang In Town([email]) on Wednesday 4th February 2015, 21:02:49

The Lagan + Old Coyote Club + Ed Ache Sat 7th March

LAST GANG IN TOWN present THE LAGAN + OLD COYOTE CLUB + ED ACHE + BARNEYTHE LAGAN – After forming initially in 2008 as a "[mal]function" band that would go and play drunken folk songs at parties in exchange for some booze, The Lagan became something of an urban myth: a potentially great band that was only held back by the fact that they didn't rehearse, and didn't have any songs, and didn't (Read More ....)

By Last Gang In Town([email]) on Wednesday 4th February 2015, 21:02:49

Recording Studio Open For 2015 Bookings

GAIA Records' studio is now taking bookings for this year (April - October). The rural studios are open for bands or solo artists. Relax, play and record on our family estate away from the destractions and normality of urban/city life.The first three bookings will be offered a free (four song E.P.) (Read More ....)

By The Plastic Revolutionary Band([email]) on Tuesday 27th January 2015, 20:01:32

War Waves

Good afternoon everyone,I hope you don't mind me posting this on here - if it is in the wrong area let me know - I don't want to get the reputation of a spammer!My name's Marc and I'm the singer of Ipswich based band War Waves. (Read More ....)

By War Waves([email]) on Friday 23rd January 2015, 12:01:34

Student Engineer looking to record artists/bands

Hi, I'm Theo. I'm looking to record artists/bands to build up my University portfolio. I'm currently in my final year of an Audio & Music Technology course at Anglia Ruskin University and am an aspiring audio engineer. (Read More ....)

By Theo Perry([email]) on Thursday 22nd January 2015, 14:01:19