Brief details about promotors in Cambridge are below; there's more than you think...


Abi - Acoustic / Indie / any genre


Buckfest-Music-Festival - Acoustic / Rock / Everything else

Buckfest Music Festival are looking for artists to perform at Buckfest Music Festival 2018. The festival takes place on Saturday 14th of July in the village of Buckden, on the A1 between Huntingdon and St Neots.

Dave Clark

Dave Clark - Folk / Acoustic / Protest

Strummers is a left-wing folk collective that aims to make a difference to our community, through high quality music, awareness-raising and supporting young performers. Our gigs have included some of the finest political songwriters performing today, including Bailey, Grace Petrie, Reg Meuros, Robb Johnson and Joe Solo.

john saul

john saul - Acoustic / Jazz

Hope st yard is a site just of mill road, Cambridge. Ive just opened a shop there for the English spirit distillery. We want to rekindle the magic of the place with the collective of shops and live music.